Importance of Digital Fashion Illustrations in Fashion Design

Importance of Digital Fashion Illustrations in Fashion Design

Posted on: 7/22/22, 5:53 PM

What is digital fashion illustration?

Before we discuss importance of digital fashion illustration into fashion design industry, let us understand the basic meaning of a fashion illustration and difference between fashion illustration and digital fashion illustration then we'll move to why does it matter to fashion designers.

Meaning of Fashion Illustration

A fashion illustration, in simple words, is an art of communicating and expressing the design ideas of any garment, apparels, shoes or any other fashion design product. The key purpose of having a fashion illustration in place is to see how an end product (garment or apparel, from fashion design industry perspective) will look like. It let the fashion designers and the team make mistakes during design process itself whether it is about color shades, design detail or anything in relevance.

Some designs are complex to explain and write on paper. Here, a fashion illustration wins the show. Like an old saying "a picture is worth thousands of words". This saying holds very true in case of digital fashion illustrations.

Difference between fashion illustration and digital fashion illustration

If you got the basic concepts of fashion illustration then you won't find it any difficult to understand what a digital fashion illustration is called. And, if you have already got it clear the meaning and purpose of digital fashion illustration and want to pursue your career into it as a digital fashion illustrator then you can enroll for the best online digital fashion illustration courses in India.

Earlier, design professionals used hand-sketched drawings as a traditional approach of design. Then, with the technology and innovations, they shifted to the digital approach of design and started using computer softwares. This new paradigm has been named as Digital Fashion Illustration and Sketching.

Importance of fashion illustrations in fashion design industry

Fashion illustration is the first and foremost step of fashion designers. Through fashion sketches, designers are able to reveal a visual presentation of the final garment. Since the very beginning of the fashion design industry and the evolution of the garment segment, fashion illustration and sketching has played a very critical role. And, with the introduction of computers and high level design softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, etc, a new career opportunity has popped up into the market. This new opportunity is named as digital fashion illustrator.

By using these high level advanced software, fashion illustrators are able to articulate the design as per the needs of customers, design trends, and the brand they're associated with. It eases their way with advanced tools, making changes convenient than ever before. You can enroll for any online photoshop course where you can get good hands-on experience on Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop tools, presets, brushes, etc. There are plenty of benefits of using Photoshop if you want to go for raster based rendering. While for vector rendering, Adobe Illustrator is a great option.

Through their sketching skills, fashion designers develop their own design style. And, it becomes their signature style like the sarees style of fashion designer Sabyasachi, lehenga styles of fashion designer Manish Malhotra and so on.

It also helps fashion designers in curating their ideas into a design which becomes so easy for them to showcase to their customers how the garment is gonna look. Some take it to the next level by portraying the sketch of the person. However, it unnecessarily adds the cost to the final product but if someone wishes to make it their USP then it's their own call.

If you are interested in making your career as a digital fashion illustrator or even as a fashion designer then you should get yourself enrolled for a fashion illustration course. And, the Digital Fashion Illustration Courses (DFIC) by fashion designer Sanyam Jain has it all you need. It covers the basics of Photoshop, how to use Adobe Photoshop tools, presets and brushes, how to design an illustration of the garment, how to find design inspiration, how to draw & sketch Croquis, and most importantly how to make your career into it as a full-time digital fashion illustrator job or how to make money through freelance digital fashion illustration as a career. So, there is everything, a full fledged package, just for you. Hurry up now!